The IEA says that 66% of new energy demand will come from emerging countries

The IEA says that 66% of new energy demand will come from emerging countries

28/06/2016 source “Expansión”

The study “Prospects of Energy Technology 2016”, presented yesterday by Kamal Ben Naceur, responsible of sustainability of the International Energy Agency (IEA) says that currently cities are responsible for about 70% of CO2 emissions, stating that cities in developing countries will account for two-thirds of the increase in energy demand by 2050.

Based on these data, the high office alerted the governments to provide greater support for the creation of cities with more efficient energy consumption. The improvement of energy technologies is vital for this, but Ben Naceur explained that only are “advancing positively” the electric vehicles, the solar energy and the wind energy.

According to the forecasts expressed in the report, the number of such electric vehicles will strongly increase, reaching 1,000 million of electric cars by 2050, equivalent to 40% or 45% of the world total. Also, if are met the objectives set, the CO2 emissions could decline by about 67%, as mentions the report.

In this sense and referring to the pact of Paris – whose purpose is to limit the rise in global temperature to less than two degrees by the end of the century – the director said that it is a “historic push for clean energy “. Ben Naceur noted that emission levels have remained stable since 2013, and said that 2015 was the first year that “the trajectories of emissions and economic growth were separated.”