Sweden inaugurated the first electric road of the world

Sweden inaugurated the first electric road of the world

23/06/2016 source “Expansión”

It was inaugurated near the city of Gävle, in central Sweden, the first electric road of the world.

This new road model allows trucks to operate as electric vehicles on the lanes set for this type of circulation and as regular hybrid vehicles in other lanes. Several trucks of Scania experienced this two kilometers surface using the technology developed in collaboration with Siemens.

This new method works through the receiving of electric power by the truck, which comes from an energy collector – pantograph – mounted behind the cab. The pantograph is, in turn, connected to the overhead power lines located above the right lane of the road. When the truck leaves the electric range, the pantograph turns off and the truck works with the combustion engine or the electric motor with an operated battery. The same principle also applies when the driver wants to overtake another vehicle.

The manager of research and development of Scania, Claes Erixon, said that the company is committed to the success of this project by the importance it has, since it is an important step on the way to achieve a transport free of fossil fuels.