Mexico beats Brazil as the first partner in Germany to invest

Mexico beats Brazil as the first partner in Germany to invest

06/06/2016 source “Financiero”

The German ambassador in Mexico, Viktor Eibling, said that at least seven out of ten German companies in the country reiterate their confidence in the Mexican economy, noting that Mexico is one of the best countries in Latin America to invest.

According to the words of the diplomat, Mexico is a vital ally for Germany as companies that European country decide very strategically and “this Latin nation becomes now the first commercial partner of Germany in the region, over Brazil”. During the current federal administration were invested 15 billion Dollars by 1700 German companies in Mexico and most are willing to expand their business in different areas across the country, added Eibling.

For its part, the president of the Mexican-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Camexa) reiterated that relations between Germany and Mexico live an unprecedented dynamism, a good time which is also reflected in the number of companies affiliated to this organization.

In the anteroom of the Expo “Made in Germany”, to be held between 15 and 19 June at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, the German ambassador highlighted the good business environment that exists and that causes the strengthening of trade relations.