Macri launches a ‘mini Davos Forum’ to attract investors

Macri launches a ‘mini Davos Forum’ to attract investors

15/09/2016 source “El Español”

With the economy in recession and requiring new funds to straighten up, Argentina launched an Investment and Business Forum that the rulers want to convert into a kind of “mini Davos”.

“I invite you to invest and I hope that you all take part of this wonderful stage,” said the president of Argentina Mauricio Macri before 1.500 businessmen, bankers and executives, during the opening speech last Tuesday. The president pointed out that his government “set the way of development, investment and creation of jobs” and wanted to encourage the participants ensuring that “there is a place for everyone: entrepreneurs, large and small companies, domestic and foreign companies for services, industry and field”.

The event was organized by Richard Attias, a Moroccan businessman based in Dubai, who has experience in organizing these kinds of events in African countries as Gabon, Congo, Rwanda and Egypt.

Investment opportunities

According to government assessments, Argentina presents business and investment opportunities of around 175,000 million Dollars, divided in the sectors of energy and mines (76,000 million Dollars); infrastructure (75.000 million Dollars); agro-industrial (15,000 million Dollars); industrial goods (5,000 million Dollars); services and technology (7,000 million Dollars).

The administration of Macri set on the other hand, an ambitious goal for the sector of wind and solar renewable energies: move from total current production of 2% to 20% in 2025. Are also required investments in world reserves of shale gas in the region of Vaca Muerta.

To these sessions will attend managers and executives of major international business groups such as British Petroleum, Airbus, Citigroup, Boeing, Coca Cola, Dubai Investment, Siemens, Unilever, Toyota, Total, among others.