How to properly assess the quality of a service?

How to properly assess the quality of a service?

24/09/2016 source “OKDiario”

Unlike evaluate a product, as it is tangible, is easy because there are a number of parameters by which is possible to measure its quality, assess how a service is being done is not so easy.

Assess a service implies a certain scale of subjectivity, and this reality understood differently by each responsible can lead to error.

There are several aspects that must be taken into account to evaluate – and, if necessary, to improve – correctly the quality of a service. To achieve the most objective analysis and evaluation, the company should incorporate in its decision making a lot of elements to facilitate this task. They are:

Present indicators for each aspect to evaluate: there should be a numerical score to each point to be studied on the provision of the service, from which is possible to draw conclusions. For example, the percentage of visits that ends up on sales, the number of complaints that were received, the replay of the consumption rate, etc..

Compare the result with the planned indicators: compare the established target-values with those who eventually materialize. In the event that the result is not the expected, the company shall study all the developed processes, define the improvements and undertake the necessary changes.

Define the requirements to be met by each service: all the service is intended to satisfy a need, and this is the minimum requirement. If the company wants to be really competitive, it must set some quality parameters to differentiate the service provided by the company from the service provided by competing companies.

Determine the resources required for each service: it may happen that a service is not being provided with the expected quality standards because were not allocated all the resources (human and technical) required. Likewise, sometimes the service is also not being provided with the required quality because has too many resources allocated to it.

Ensure that the planned organization is performing its work effectively: it must be achieved that each team member shall carry out its work in the most productive way as possible. So that each person can have clear its tasks, it is essential to plan previously the different tasks. It is common to find situations where the same people performing the same tasks while others are neglected; or someone that cannot start its work started because the previous task is not finished yet. The company must resolve as soon as possible this type of failures in order to optimize resources and improve service.