Google activates submarine cable with nine thousand kilometres between the USA and Japan

Google activates submarine cable with nine thousand kilometres between the USA and Japan

01/07/2016 source “DN”

The technology multinational company Google announced yesterday the activation of a high-speed submarine Internet cable of nine thousand kilometres long between the United States and Japan.

The cable, in which the company was working since 2014 was called “Faster”; it has a speed of 60 terabyte per second, ten million times faster than the typical modem and costed 300 million Dollars (around 270 million Euros). It is the most potent of all submarine cables and one of its characteristics is to deliver multiple colour lights in different frequencies.

“Faster is one of several hundred submarine cables that connect different parts of the world and that, together, form an important backbone that contributes to the functioning of the Internet,” said the vice president of infrastructure of Google, Urs Hölzle. “Internet users and our customers in Japan may have noticed that things happen a little faster. Our submarine cable Faster between Japan and the United States officially entered today on service,” Hölzle said.

Most cable works within countries and between continents, but some cross oceans like the Atlantic. The first trans-oceanic cable, which was used for communications, specifically to transmit telegrams, was installed in 1906. The cable SEA-ME-WE 3, which connects Europe to Australia and Asia, is the largest in the world, with an extension of 39,000 kilometres and 39 earth connection points.

Facebook and Microsoft are currently working to develop a submarine cable that will be called Marea and should be ready later this year. The Marea is the first cable to connect the United States to southern Europe, in particular the cities of Virginia (United States) and Bilbao (Spain).