Financial Advisory

Business internationalisation

The business development for the export of goods and services or the implementation abroad in emerging countries is increasingly marked by high international competition driven by significant capital flows and support from the international community through multilateral organizations and bilateral plans that are being channelled towards these emerging economies with a high demand for goods and services.

Any company, regardless of its size, can resort to the multiple instruments offered by the public, private and multilateral sectors to finance the purchase or sale of goods or services, although sometimes administrative complexity such as lack of knowledge of private financing lines, makes that companies cannot access financing that would allow them to develop their businesses.

In the process of internationalization and external implementation of the company, the financing element is more and more determining to succeed to develop business abroad.
SMEs can choose multiple instruments for their sustainable growth abroad.

A comprehensive advisory service based on risk management and cost efficiency that covers all legal and technical aspects of international operations including terms, costs, interest rate, insurance premium and any other contractual aspect derived from international projects.

Comprehensive and personalized advice

Foce offers a comprehensive and personalized advisory service based on the extensive experience of our experts and financial collaborators throughout the project cycle in international operations, whether for the financing of exports o investments or the use of instruments to ensure multilateral or public payments.

Featured Services

  • Plan of schemes within the framework of projects covered by export credit insurance.
  • Search for financing and capital for investments.
  • Structuring of investment projects.
  • Search for financing for the exporter and the buyer.
  • Fundraising for infrastructure projects in private and multilateral funds.
  • Identification of guarantees and other multilateral instruments to guarantee payments.
  • Blending Projects