Diversification and commitment to emerging markets

Nowadays, a company that does not have a plan to maintain commercial relationships beyond its comfort zone is destined to disappear, as economic cycles and current competition can place the classic exporter in a difficult situation.

Regardless of the size and its export product, any SME can export depending on its possibilities and needs. Sometimes it is necessary that, in this export process, external collaborators provide specialized services to those companies that do not have the departmental organization, a commercial network or simply wish to lower the costs of infrastructure and travel.

Competition is already global, which is why national and European markets become spaces in which companies end up losing their market share as a result of the development of new competitors offering goods and services with similar costs or qualities.

Featuring Services

Foce has experience and technical knowledge to ensure success in the commercialization of products and transactions of our customers in emerging markets. We offer our customers a wide commercial network with a wide range of legal and technical services among which we point out the following:

  • Preliminary exploration.
  • Product presentation.
  • Search for distribution channels.
  • Identification of commercial agents.
  • Prospecting and follow-up trips.
  • Implementation in markets for commercial distribution.
  • Advice for international contracting, transport and customs.
  • International Marketing Mix.