European Union wants to strengthen cooperation with Angola

European Union wants to strengthen cooperation with Angola

16/08/2016 source “Prensa Latina”

The European Union (EU) is willing to strengthen cooperation with Angola to improve the business climate in the country and makes it more attractive to investors, told reporters the EU ambassador in Luanda, Gordon Kricke after a meeting with the Angolan vice president, Manuel Vicente.

According to Gordon Kricke, many European companies are interested in investing in this African country, create jobs and contribute to the diversification of the national economy that “needs to improve the business climate.” From the point of view of the European Union, Angola is an important country in the political, economic and cooperation level, he said.

The ambassador said that there is a project between the UE and the Ministry of Commerce to seek this improvement of foreign investment. The European Union also wishes to enhance cooperation with Luanda in the fields of water and sanitation, sustainable agriculture, higher education, vocational training and civil society. The diplomat said that the EU’s main objective is to fight poverty and so it has with Angola several areas of cooperation.

Gordon Kricke stressed that Angola and the EU should undertake the third meeting this year, under the agreement entitled “Caminho Conjunto” (“Joint Way”, in English) set to assess the progress of this “special partnership” existing since July 2012, to run the executive development strategy.