Entrepreneurs are optimistic given the current economic conjunction?

Entrepreneurs are optimistic given the current economic conjunction?

01/09/2016 source “América Economía”

In general, we can summarize the vision of businessmen worldwide in relation to the economic situation in their respective countries as a weather forecast: cloudy skies with some local storms. Although there are optimistic – as investors from India (90%), Ireland (86%), Botswana (78%), New Zealand (76%) and Nigeria (64%) – the general mood is to see the glass half empty, more than half full. And it also shows up in the fact that the great expectations are higher in the apparently stagnant Italy (50%) than in Germany (38%), Sweden (34%), Mexico (22%) and Argentina (20%).

The International Business Report (IBR), prepared by the consultancy company Grant Thorton, indicates that only 35% of the companies worldwide” expects to increase profits in the next 12 months, the lowest figure since the second quarter of 2012″. One of its analysts, Ed Nusbaum, said “at the same time, only 13% of companies expect to export more next year”.

In Research and Development parameters (R & D) expectations does not also rise, “only 18% of companies in the world they plan to boost spending on R & D over the next 12 months”.

Given this situation, it is expected any good news? “Our data reveal a ray of hope in the form of purchasing power of consumers. With low inflation, almost one in five companies (19%) plan, worldwide, to award a wage increase higher than inflation this year”. It may seem scarce, but it is “the highest figure ever recorded”.